Bid Results


Following bid openings, the bids will be summarized and posted, generally within two (2) business days of the advertised opening. Bid tabulations are posted once the City has received a signed contract from the apparent low bidder. Bid tabulations are not posted if it was a lump sum bid. For those, refer to the Bid Summary.

Bid Tabulations

Line item analysis of each bidder's proposal. Lump sum bids are posted under Bid Summaries.

Project   Amount   Awarded Firm(s)
202262275 - Cole Arts and Science Academy Safe Routes to School(PDF, 66KB) $840,992.00  TechCon Infrastructure, LLC
202262166 - South Broadway Multimodal Improvements(PDF, 102KB) $14,260,000.00   Hamon Infrastructure, Inc.
202262453 - Tennessee & Oneida Storm System, Phase 1(PDF, 167KB) $7,565,456.00  BT Construction, Inc.
202262168 - 2022 Preventative and Critical Lining, Phase 2(PDF, 114KB) $1,798,691.00  Insituform Technologies, LLC
202261839 - 2022 Preventative and Critical Lining, Phase 1(PDF, 273KB) $4,996,553.00  Insituform Technologies, LLC
202160985 - Blair-Caldwell Branch Library Renovation(PDF, 84KB) $2,641,470.00   Interlock Construction Corp.
202261845 - 2022 Hot-in-Place Recycling and Repaving(PDF, 69KB) $4,297,786.50   Cutler Repaving, Inc.
202161645 - 2022 ADA Ramp and Concrete Repair, Phase 2(PDF, 117KB) $2,535,000.00   Silva Construction, Inc.
202161305 - Bond Paving #7(PDF, 69KB) $3,106,872.91   Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.
202161629 - 2022 Citywide ADA Ramp and Concrete Repair, Phase 1(PDF, 122KB) $2,550,847.00  Keene Concrete, Inc.
202160371 / 202160372 - Heron Pond-Carpio Sanguinette Park Phase 1B, Schedule A & B(PDF, 189KB)   $17,763,448.08  Iron Woman Construction & Environmental Services, LLC
202161502 - 2022 Citywide Concrete Panel Replacement(PDF, 93KB) $909,008.00  Chato's Concrete, LLC
202161294 - 2022 Citywide Chip Seal and Crack Seal(PDF, 91KB) $5,008,750.00   Vance Brothers, Inc.
202161342 - 2022 Bond Concrete(PDF, 123KB) $1,421,300.50  Silva Construction, Inc.
202161324 - 2022 Contract Mill and Overlay(PDF, 115KB) $2,769,407.50   Brannan Sand & Gravel Company, LLC
202161292 - 2022 Citywide Concrete Spot Repair(PDF, 121KB) $700,019.00   Keene Concrete, Inc.
202160901 - 20th Street Bridge Rehabilitation(PDF, 334KB) $4,812,901.50  Structures, Inc.
202160233 - Police District 5 Replacement $12,251,860.00   W.E. O'Neil Construction, Co.
202160132 - Marion Street System, Phase 2(PDF, 91KB) $4,881,198.00  BT Construction, Inc.
202160104 - New Traffic Signals (NTS)-1 and Mill Levy 12 - Traffic Signals Construction(PDF, 139KB) $2,935,650.01  Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc.
202159066 - South Platte Greenway Access Sidewalk Improvements(PDF, 136KB) $2,326,000.00  Hamon Infrastructure, Inc.
202158902 - 2021 Preventative and Critical Lining(PDF, 162KB) $3,685,090.90  Insituform Technologies, LLC
202158939 - 2021 Citywide ADA Ramp and Concrete Repair 3(PDF, 109KB) $3,222,752.00  Silva Construction, Inc.
202158956 - Passenger Amenity Program - Montbello Bus Stop Improvements(PDF, 113KB) $335,325.00  TechCon Infrastructure, LLC
202157934 - Mill Levy 11(PDF, 122KB) $1,717,350.00  Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc.
202157632 - Green Valley Ranch Pool(PDF, 106KB) $11,043,237.00   FCI Constructors, Inc.
202157824 - 2021 Street Maintenance Contract Mill & Overlay(PDF, 89KB) $4,742,517.40  Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.
202157402 - 2021 Citywide ADA Ramp and Concrete Repair 1(PDF, 122KB) $2,720,186.00  Silva Construction, Inc.
202157706 - 2021 Bond Paving #6(PDF, 117KB)   $4,418,480,00  Brannan Sand & Gravel Company, LLC
202157389 - 2021 Citywide Hot-in-Place Recycling and Repaving(PDF, 115KB) $4,288,898.50  Cutler Repaving, Inc.


Archive Bid Tabulations 2021-2016

RFP and RFQ Awards

Award Updates

RFQ: Database Management Services SCS2022-04

Awarded to James Pilcher Enterprises, Inc. dba DataOne, Inc.

See original ad

RFQ: Consulting Services – Recycling Processing Services

Awarded to HDR Engineering, Inc.

See original ad

RFQ: Swansea Recreation Center Indoor Pool CM/GC

Awarded to FCI Constructors, Inc.

See original ad

RFP: Translation Interpretation Services

Awarded to Language Access LLC

See original ad

RFQ: Martinez Park Phase 1

Awarded to Livable Cities Studio, Inc.

See original ad

RFP: Five Points Neighborhood Temporary Street Mural

Awarded to Esoteric Art LLC and Cya the Creator.

See original ad

RFQ: Integrated Accessibility Construction Services

Awarded to GH Phipps Construction Company

See original ad

RFQ: HSIP FY 2024 Colorado Blvd & Alameda Ave

Awarded to Stanley Consultants, Inc.

See original ad

RFQ: Design-Build Services - 56th Avenue Widening: Peoria St. to Peña Blvd.

Awarded to Ames Construction, Inc.

See original ad

RFQ: Denver Engaged and Active Communities

Awarded to Denver Streets Partnership

See original ad

RFQ: 16th Street Mall Design-Build Project

Awarded to PCL Construction Services, Inc.

See original ad

RFP: Professional Management Services - Parking Management of City Lots and Garages

Awarded to SP Plus Corporation

See original ad

RFP: 2021 Contract Hauling Services

J&K Trucking LLC was direct selected

See original ad

RFP: CM/GC Services - Broadway at I-25 Multimodal/Safety Improvements

Awarded to Kraemer North America

See original ad

RFQ: Architectural and Engineering Services For Westwood Recreation Center

Awarded to Anderson Mason Dale Architects PC

See original ad

RFQ: Design-Build Services for Colorado Convention Center Expansion

Awarded to Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

See original ad

RFQ: Jewell / Evans Station Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Project

Awarded to Wilson & Company, Inc. Engineers & Architects

See original ad

RFQ: Professional Planning Services - Transit Speed, Reliability Network Programming and Concept Design

Awarded to Consor Engineers, LLC (formerly known as Apex Design)

See original ad

RFQ: CM/GC Services For National Western Center Livestock Center Project

  • Awarded to Whiting-Turner

See original ad

RFQ: Professional Engineering Design Services for West Colfax Pedestrian and Transit Improvements Project

Awarded to Muller Engineering Company, Inc.

See original ad

RFQ: Professional Design Services Ruby Hill - Phase 3 Design

Awarded to Design Workshop, Inc.

See original ad


Archived Award Updates


RFQ: Loretto Heights Theater Campus Architectural & Engineering Design

  • HDR Architecture, Inc.
  • Perkins Eastman Architects, D.P.C.
  • Ratio Architects, LLC
  • Semple Brown Design, P.C.

RFQ: 2022 Transportation and Mobility Professional Services On-Call

  • AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
  • Atkins North American, Inc.
  • Consor Engineers, LLC
  • David Evans and Associates, Inc.
  • HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Muller Engineering, Inc.
  • Stanley Consultants, Inc.
  • WSP USA Inc.