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The citywide minimum wage rate is required to increase annually according to the calculation of the Consumer Price Index. Ordinance requires the Denver Department of Finance to perform this calculation, while our office enforces the calculated rate and educated employers year-round.

The minimum wage in 2023 is $17.29 per hour and will increase to $18.29 per hour in 2024. Food and beverage industry employers can claim up to $3.02 in tip credits, making the 2023 tipped wage $14.27 per hour. Tipped wage for workers in the food and beverage industry will be $15.27 in 2024. Read more about Finance’s calculation here.

Mandatory Wage Posters

Denver Wage Ordinances require employers to display the required civil wage theft and prevailing wage posters in English and Spanish at the workplace.

Other Helpful Minimum Wage Tools

Underpayment Calculator

This spreadsheet (downloadable below) is a tool to determine the amount of back pay owed to current or previous employees. To use the Underpayment Calculator, download the Excel file and enter the relevant payroll information - hours worked, hourly wage paid, and tips earned. The Excel file is available in both English and Spanish. If an underpayment is owed or you have difficulty using the Underpayment Calculator, please contact Denver Labor.

Download Underpayment Calculator(XLSX, 50KB) Calculadora para empleadores(XLSX, 50KB)

Minimum Wage Underpayment Calculator(XLSX, 50KB)

Denver Regional Address Finder

This interactive map is a tool to determine whether a business or work location is within the City and County of Denver. This tool is meant to assist in filing or responding to a complaint. Denver Labor will make a final determination regarding jurisdiction on all investigated complaints.

To start using the tool, click the blue button "OK" on the bottom right corner of the map.

Tip Credit Tracker

This voluntary form is provided for employers to keep track of tips received by employees and calculate tip credits. 

Tip Credit Form

Download the Tip Credit Tracker


Denver's Minimum Wage: FAQ

When Does the Minimum Wage Increase?

January 1 of each year.

How Much Will the Wage Increase?

The citywide minimum wage in 2023 is $17.29 per hour. If food and beverage industry employers claim the full tip credit of $3.02 per hour, the tipped wage would be $14.27.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2024, the citywide minimum wage will increase to $18.29 per hour. Minimum wage for tipped workers in the food and beverage industry will be $15.27 as long as they receive $3.02 in tips per hour.

Wage rates timeline for Denver's citywide minimum wage.

Transcript of Denver Wages Timeline(PDF, 69KB)


How Is the Wage Increase Calculated?

According to ordinance, the Denver Department of Finance calculates the annual increase based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The methodology is laid out in ordinance and is similar to how the State of Colorado calculates its statewide minimum wage. According to ordinance, the adjustment calculation compares the Consumer Price Index for the first half of the previous year to the first half of the current year. The Consumer Price Index is designed to help workers keep up with the cost of living in their area.

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During the 2019 legislative session, the Colorado legislature enacted a new statute permitting local governments to set a jurisdiction-wide minimum wage. In November 2019, the Denver City Council created Denver Revised Municipal Code Chapter 58-16(PDF, 197KB), which sets the local minimum wage for Denver and prescribes the means for setting, enforcing, and complying with the new local minimum wage.

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