Concealed Weapon Permits

Attention: The changes from Colorado House Bill 24-1174 is under review. The process for instructor verification is under development and is not currently available. Please check back on our website for information in late July 2024.

NEW Online Concealed Handgun Permit Process

Effective February 1, 2022, all new Concealed Handgun Permit applications, renewals, replacements, and name/address changes must be completed online. Mailed-in applications will no longer be processed. See below for details.


The State of Colorado authorizes legal residents of Colorado who demonstrate competence with handguns to carry concealed handguns in all authorized areas of the state and in accordance with state law. 

Online Concealed Handgun Permit Application Process via the third-party service Permitium:

  • A valid personal email address is required for all applicants.
  • For all applications - new and renewal applications, replacements, and requests for name or address change to your existing permit.
  • Fingerprints and photo are required for all new applicants and appointments are made in Permitium.
  • Once new or renewal applications are submitted, the applicant must appear in person and have all follow-up documents submitted within 60 days. Applicants that reschedule their in-person appointments or do not submit requested supplemental documents within the first 60 days of their initial submission will have their applications withdrawn and will be refunded the CBI fee and half the Denver agency fee. Applicants that have had their applications withdrawn, may reapply and will be required to pay all fees.
  • Visit Permitium ( to start the application process. This usually takes less than ten minutes to complete and a credit/debit card is required for payment.

If you do not find the information you need on this website, have additional questions, or cannot complete the application process online due to a disability or special circumstance, please email us at or call 720-913-6836 to discuss.

NEW Applicants

Concealed Handgun Permit – Fingerprints for NEW APPLICANTS

Schedule an appointment in Permitium. Applicants must have an appointment to complete the fingerprint process. The fingerprinting portion of the application will take place at:

Denver Police Administration Building
1331 Cherokee Street
Denver, CO 80204

Arrive at your appointment location with your valid Colorado driver license or ID and department personnel will take your photograph and fingerprints.

Department personnel will conduct CCIC/NCIC and local records checks, and if no prohibiting circumstances are discovered, your permit will be mailed to your residence within 90 days from the date your fingerprints are submitted.

When you apply for a concealed handgun permit (CHP) with Denver, a total processing fee of $152.50 is required. This fee pays for forms, ID cards, local criminal history checks, other administrative costs to maintain your 5-year permit, a state and national criminal history check (fingerprints), and an Insta-check (NICS) per Statute. Instructions regarding paying the fee are explained in Permitium.

Renewal Information

You may renew up to 120 days (4 months) prior to your permit’s expiration.

You must submit your renewal application online. Start by visiting

The cost to renew is $63.00. Please Note: If the permit is expired less than six months, a late fee of $15.00 will be applied. A permit expired more than six months is not renewable.

Retired Officers

This is a federal CCW permit only issued to retired law enforcement. A retired officer must initiate the process at the shooting range, then the application must be signed and submitted to us.

The fee for this type of CCW is $13.00 and it expires in 1 year.

Separated Law Enforcement Officer - Permit Application(PDF, 39KB)

Name Change, Address Change, Lost/Stolen/Destroyed Replacement Permit

To complete a name change, change your address, or request a lost, stolen or damaged permit please visit